The Xbox Drive 77 - The Insipid Pants Are Back

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The Most HorsePowerful Podcast On The Internet, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 77! Sean played Far Cry New Dawn! Luke has invested a great deal of time into Anthem, 1K’ed Apex Legends, and continues to dabble in his evergreen titles. Buckle up and drive safe!

The Playlist

  • Luke: Anthem, Apex Legends

  • Sean: Far Cry: New Dawn

Braking News

Pit Stop Topics

  • Does the launch of Anthem, Destiny 2, or Apex change the way betas roll out?

    • Could this hurt sales the way Anthem was seemingly hurt?

    • Consider other phased releases: Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 4, FIFA and other EA Sports games.

    • Breaking News: Ubisoft announces Year 1 Pass will grants 7-Day Early Access to Episodes and Instant Access to All Year 1 Specializations as They Release. Perhaps Early Access should be limited to post-launch content. Is Ubisoft the real genius?

The Car Pool - Listener Question

  • Todd Oxtra @SecretFriendsUnite: With Gamepass being so successful do you anticipate more additional DLC/microtransactions to supplement/offset the lower revenue stream for publishers/dev teams?   Music streaming hasn't been that profitable for artists and most make up their biggest income from tours and merch.

Cruise Control - Topic of the Show

  • In game communication systems. Apex Legends brought a revolutionary (yes) level of in-game communication between players without needed a microphone. While the ping-system is not necessarily new overall, it’s implementation is near-perfect in Apex.

    • Could or should this system be adopted by more franchises given the future rise of things like project xCloud and mobile gaming? Not everyone will have or want access to a microphone while gaming.