The Xbox Drive 74 - Vince Zampella Doesn't Make Bad Games

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The Most HorsePowerful Podcast On The Internet, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 74! Sean played Apex Legends, WarGroove and the Anthem Demo! Luke finally played Wargroove, turned into a Boy Monster, and then became an Apex Legend. It was a big week. Buckle up and drive safe.

The Playlist

  • Luke: Wargroove, Anthem Demo, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

  • Sean: >Observer, WarGroove, Anthem Demo, Battlefield V, Everspace, Apex Legends

Braking News

  • Apex Legends launches with 1 million players on day one, 2 million by day 2

    • EA/Respawn didn’t announce the game prior to launch because it was scared to (F2P economy, Titanfall mismanagement)

  • Inside Xbox Announcements

    • Game Pass gets: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, de Blob, Return to Arkham, Walking Dead S1, Pumped BMX Pro, Crackdown 3

    • Microsoft Studios name change to Xbox Game Studios

    • Halo: Outpost Discovery - moving event includes VR/AR experiences of Halo lore, think amusement park meets VR. “Post Halo 3” comment

    • Mortal Kombat 11 character reveal. Neat.

    • Division 2 includes lots of endgame content, including new faction. Ubisoft openly stated Xbox One X was the best place to play Division 2. System bundle announced.

    • Sea of Thieves player base has doubled, streaming numbers up near launch levels. Approximately 35% of SoT players are PC. Players can invite 3 new players to the game for free. Mega Update to the game announced on 3.20.19

    • Jump Force is...a fighting game. I dunno.

    • Metro: Exodus looks insane. Weird and wild. Lots of biomes exist including snow, sand, forest. Native 4K, lots of HDR use and Dolby super awesome something

Pit Stop Topics

  • EA releases Excel Spreadsheet for Anthem release. Sean fights with the Mega Dads. Boss sees it. Embarrassment ensues.

  • Why launch  Apex Legends just prior to Anthem, one month before BFV’s own Battle Royale? Was the stealth launch wise? Does this impact our thoughts for Jedi: Fallen Order?

Cruise Control - Topic of the Show: The Great February Preview

  • Wargroove - February 1, 2019 [Chucklefish, Chucklefish]

  • Jump Force - February 15, 2019 [SPIKE CHUNSOFT, Bandai Namco]

  • Metro Exodus - February 15, 2019 [4A Games, Deep Silver]

  • Anthem - February 22, 2019 [BioWare, EA]

  • The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame - February 26, 2019 [Traveller’s Tales, Warner Brothers]

Games with Gold

  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon [Xbox One]

  • Super Bomberman R [Xbox One]

  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue [Xbox 360]

  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy [Xbox]