The Xbox Drive 71 - All Is Fair In Love and Star Wars

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The Most HorsePowerful Podcast On The Internet, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 71! Sean might be done with Red Dead Redemption 2! Luke finished up Steamworld Dig, enjoyed more Realm Royale, and tackled the bugs in Hive Jump. Buckle up and drive safe.

The Playlist

  • Luke: Realm Royale, Hive Jump, Steamworld Dig (on sale), RE2

  • Sean: Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo

Braking News

  • Bungie leaves Activision

We Happy Few, Shadow of Mordor, Saints Row: The Third - Bonus cool points if you noticed their twitter feed said “We” “Happy” “Few” in the first word of three tweets in a row.
DLC Features:

  • Forza Removes Carlton and Floss Dance

Pit Stop Topics

  • Hive Jump impressions

    • “Controid” 16-bit graphics Contra-style gameplay with a mix of Metroidvania in a roguelike that doesn’t feel cruel. Rocking soundtrack. Available on Wii U, Switch, X1

  • Stop Light Reviews from our community

    • Currently awaiting Absolver. We have Aftercharge to give away

Cruise Control - Topic of the Show

  • “Does Xbox need VR in the next gen?” Our Twitter poll accumulated 44 votes.

    • 52% Yes, 48% No

    • From @MrBadBit: YES, PSVR is an amazing piece of tech. Some of my favorite games from last year, Beat Saber, Moss, Astro-Bot  are AWESOME experiences you can’t get anywhere else. It’s not a huge market yet, but the more players like Microsoft that come into VR the better it is for VR as a whole

    • From @NeoLego: "Need".....absolutely not. It is a novelty at best. I don't ever see Xbox making a VR headset, but I do anticipate that there will be headsets compatible with the Next Xbox. I'll be fine just streaming my games to the Quest later this year.

    • From @SecretFriendsU: I think it's a no brainier to have occulus and Vive be supported on Xbox next.  It'll have the hardware strength and be a boon to those headsets.

    • From @HylianTelligent: I don't think they NEED it. But if they do, they need to make the hardware worth it. Least amount of cables possible, comfortable headset. They really should just partner with Oculus.

    • From @BlazeKnight: I'm playing through RE7 right now and I can say that the game is stressful enough without the action being right in my face.
      I also feel like VR is pretty niche in general as it only caters to certain types of games.
      Can you imagine the cost of a 4k VR headset?

Games with Gold

  • Celeste (X1)

  • WRC 6 (X1)

  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (X360)

  • Far Cry 2 (X360)

Upcoming Titles:

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (1.18.18)

  • Resident Evil 2 (1.25.18)

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 (1.25.18)