The Xbox Drive 38 (WIFI Bad)

The Most HorsePowerful Podcast Ever Made, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 38! Sean played State of Decay 2. Dave probably didn’t play anything. Plenty of "Braking News,”and a Steady Cruise Control Topic:


Drive By ShoutOuts. Podcasts that listen to our Podcast

  • Luke Lohr’s Mixer Channel:


Braking News

  • Battlefield V Reveal: War Stories. Combined Arms. Grand Operations MP.
    Free Post-Release Content.

Launches October 19







Cruise Control - Topic of the Show



Deals with Gold

  • Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) $10.00

Games with Gold

Xbox One: Super Mega Baseball 2 (May 1-30)
Xbox One: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (May 16 - June 15)

Xbox 360: Streets of Rage Collection (May 1-15)

Xbox 360: Vanquisher (May 16-31)




Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Sean Capri

Sean Capri