The Xbox Drive 36 (Massive Xbox Walmart Leak)

The Most HorsePowerful Podcast Ever Made, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 36! Sean played Sky Force Anniversary. Dave probably didn’t play anything. Plenty of "Braking News,”and a Steady Cruise Control Topic:


Drive By ShoutOuts. Podcasts that listen to our Podcast

  • Player One Podcast Episode 600

  • The Trophy Room

  • The State of The Xbox Empire


Braking News


  • Massive E3 Leak from Walmart Canada. Borderlands 3, Gears of War 5, Just Cause 4, Rage 2, Splinter Cell, Beyond Good & Evil 2,


The Best of the Bunch: Forza Horizon 5 – Misspelled as “Horizons.” Also, Forza Horizon 4 has not come out yet.


Assassin’s Creed – Xbox One version misspelled as “Assasins.”

LEGO DC Villains (PS4, Xbox One) – Misspelled as “Villans.”



  • Microsoft Building New AAA Studio in Santa Monica


  • Burnout Paradise is now Backwards Compatible


  • Microsoft sold about 30 million Xbox One consoles by the end of 2017; compared to 73 million PS4s


Cruise Control - Topic of the Show


  • How do you host a platform-specific podcast and not be a fanboy.


Deals with Gold

  • Metro: Last Light Redux $5.00

Games with Gold

Xbox One: Super Mega Baseball 2 (May 1-30)
Xbox One: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (May 16 - June 15)

Xbox 360: Streets of Rage Collection (May 1-15)

Xbox 360: Vanquisher (May 16-31)




Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Sean Capri

Sean Capri