The Xbox Drive 33 (Jonny Casino Takes The Wheel)

The Most HorsePowerful Podcast Ever Made, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 33! Sean played Friday the 13th! Jonny joins the show and has actually played games. Plenty of "Braking News,”and a Steady Cruise Control Topic:


Braking News


Cruise Control - Topic of the Show

  • Ryan McCaffrey tweeted:
    Xbox fans are DYING to celebrate a masterpiece-level exclusive like God of War. Thing is, though, it took Sony 10 years to get to this point where their 1st party is firing on all cylinders…


Phil Spencer replied:

Our hardware took time, our service/platform/Back Compat took time and continuing to grow our 1st Party will take time. A high quality and diverse 1st Party (with Second Party) built the right way is our goal and what our customers deserve.  We can have similar results to what we've seen in hardware and platform.


Deals with Gold

  • What Remains of Edith Finch $12


Games with Gold

Xbox One: The Witness (April 1-31)
Xbox One: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (April 16 - May 15)

Xbox 360: Cars 2: The Video Game (April 1-15)

Xbox 360: Dead Space 2 (April 16-31)



Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Sean Capri

Sean Capri