The Xbox Drive 28 (The Burger King Weather Forecast of Xbox Games)

The Most HorsePowerful Podcast Ever Made, The Xbox Drive is back with Episode 28! Sean played Far Cry 3, Burnout Paradise City, and some Forza Horizon 3. Dave probably didn’t play anything again. Plenty of "Braking News,”and a Steady Cruise Control Topic:


Braking News


Cruise Control - Topic of the Show


  • Xbox One S and Xbox One X will support variable refresh rate on AMD Radeon FreeSync displays. Freesync allows for TV/monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your console.

  • ‘Share to Twitter’ will allow you to share clips and screenshots that will be viewable in-line, directly on your Twitter feed.

  • Xbox One to supporting Auto Low Latency Mode/Game Mode on supported TVs later in 2018

  • Microsoft Edge: Download and upload files, including pictures and videos; you can download images with Microsoft Edge and set it as your background.

  • Share Controller on Mixer.

  • Cities: Skylines coming to GamePass


Deals with Gold

Games with Gold

Xbox One: Trials of the Blood Dragon (March 1-31)
Xbox One: Superhot (March 16 - April 15)

Xbox 360: Brave: The Video Game (March 1-15)

Xbox 360: Quantum Conundrum (March 16-31)




Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Sean Capri

Sean Capri