Robonauts Review


Robonauts Review
By Gary Gray

Robonauts is an arcade style shooter set in the depths of space with its own unique spin. Clusters of tiny planets scattered across the levels are home to dangerous foes as you shoot, jump and gravitate to other planets. That small yet unique game play quirk of being able to jump to any adjacent planets is a  nice little feature that defines the Robonauts game play.

From the offset you treated to a nice introductory video about a janitor robot who takes control of a mech suit and crash lands in on a planet, a small yet nice piece of video, however doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the game due to its radically different style. While there is a simple story throughout the game, it lends itself to being more of a mission briefing as its story can leave you scratching your head with its confusing narrative.



Does Robonauts need a story? No. Game play is at the forefront of what Robonauts is about. While Super simple to pick up and play, Challenge is only a step away, even on the easiest mode. Power Ups and diverse enemy attacks can cause the easily accessible game play to become a little more in depth that you’d think. Saving your new power ups ammo for the harder bad guys can really sway the way your match is going, so it's always worth running and gunning for the more difficult foes when the power ups show. Aiming your guns is automatic, and that's great to keep the simple inputs, however it becomes a burden when there’s multiple baddies and it aims at the wrong one, sometimes even firing the opposite way to where you're looking.

Missions are spread out over 12 levels that have a different aim. From wiping out all foes, protecting a valuable resource or activating laser style drills, there’s always a new element to keep each mission feeling fresh.

The constant beat of the music is a personal highlight of mine with its totally pumping soundtrack to enhance the action game play. Visuals on the other hand are hit and miss, where they do the job, there's not much that stands out, other than a change of colour, not much is different from each planet or level.



Where Robonauts really shines is its co-op and versus modes! Grab a joycon each and you’ll soon be screaming at each other as you play through the levels is split screen, This is it! The stride I was after playing the game, and what makes buying Robonauts all the worthwhile!

So if you're into arcade style shooters with the full intent of playing co-op then Robonauts could well be a game that you're looking for! For all its small misses it makes up for with small hits. The main campaign might not be the most fleshed out game on the market, but does offer challenge and replay-ability. Over all taking this game out and about in tabletop mode with single joycon co-op, has this being a great party piece and another hit on quick fire multiplayer game list.

Robonauts is Out now on Nintendo Switch eshop and Sony PS4.