League of Evil (Switch Review)

League of Evil - Switch Review

By Gary Gray


League of evil is a port of a 2011 IOS and android game that's a skill based puzzle plat former in which you take control of a bad-ass cyborg agent, who takes orders from a man with a rocking moustache, to try and stop a group of scientists ”the league of evil ” from developing weapons of mass destruction.

But, how do you stop scientists when your a cyborg?
Punch them so hard, it knocks their heads clean off!

And Again,
And Again!
Take that Evil scientists!


Game play

Each Level is a short, fast burst of platforming madness, where the goal is to get to the scientist and show him what for! But along the way you might want to pick up the optional briefcase if you want to 100% the game. The controls are twitchy, simple, and extremely responsive, a jump button, which you can tap twice for a double jump, and an attack button that gives you a mid-air kick if airborne. Jump up against a wall and you’ll grab it and slowly slide down which you can use to your advantage by catapulting yourself off to do wall jumps to reach higher places.

Grunts, Spikes, sensory guns, and other hazards litter the environment. But with each death comes an instant re-spawn and an extra mark on your death counter…... and a few curse words at your switch as the difficulty ramps up.

Incredibly well-designed levels with “out of the way” pickups are a highlight of the overall design; however, everything is made of the same set of components so levels feel like they’re along the same lines and could possibly get stale on long playthroughs.  

If you're the completionist type then there's something for you here, there's a three-star system that rewards you for speed running through the levels, the faster you run, the more stars you’ll get.

Visuals and Audio

Block based simple graphics are easily overlooked, but help you to keep focused on the pure level design without cluttering it up with other distractions, it works in motion, with simple animation to suit the simple look, where it's not going to blow you away, it gets the job done with ease.

The Soundtrack is retro in its glorious form, blending into the game gracefully without stopping for death screens or loading between levels. All the sound effects in game are simple 8-bit sounds, but luckily are quite low in the mix, a mistake averted that most retro inspired games make. The only downside to the soundtrack is that it can get repetitive if you're stuck on a level for too long, as the levels music loops fast.



From the main menu, you are greeted with four options.

Start: where you find the main set of World and Levels, and trust me, there’s tonnes of Levels.

Level Editor: That’s right! A Level Editor! Where you can create missions using the Switches touchscreen or controllers, download missions from the internet by using certain filters, download packs of levels containing 30 missions, or search missions using a unique ID.

Where the Level Editor is a fantastic inclusion, it does come with one or two drawbacks. The first is there no option to name levels or filter searches by creators or tags, instead you limited to filters such as “top levels.” After downloading a mission, you may find it hard to find at first, that’s because rather than being in the options on the level creator, they’re placed in download mission’s folder at the end of the world options in the “start” menu, it’s not a big problem, but one that’s confusing the first time you try to look for those downloaded levels.

Achievements: Self-explanatory, but there’s also the nice addition of user stats in there too!

Options: Does all the usual things such as; sound and music volumes, language, some control configurations, and the option to turn gore and auto replay on and off.



If you're after that quick pick up and play experience with short snappy levels, that ramp up in difficulty, then this may just be for you! Find a good community, and sharing your levels could keep this game being constantly played on your switch for months on end.

With its simple charm and straightforward game play, League of evil could well be the creator's game that Mario maker fans have been missing so far on the switch.


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