Crimsonland Review


Crimsonland review
by Gary Gray.


Crimsonland is a the Newest Twin Stick, top down survival game to hit the switch.Lets start off with the obvious, Crimsonland is Furiously Gory, And it lets you know straight away! Fighting in arena style levels crimsonland has you pitched up against a spectrum of creatures that try to flood you with sheer numbers, from aliens, zombies and straight through to spiders you’ll have to learn each different quirk and movement pattern they have in order to survive.

On each level there’s a set number of creatures you have to kill to be the last man standing in order to move on. As you're fighting the sheer numbers every so often power ups and weapon changes appear and this is where crimsonland becomes it own. There are tons of Guns and unlock-able power-ups at play, each feeling different from the last, from the amount of ammo they hold before a reload (which ammo is infinite by the way), to the rate and power of fire, Almost every type of gun is here, from automatics to shotguns, pistols to rocket launchers giving you strategy on what you should pick up when they appear. There's also a power-up bar that fills up with each kill and blood that you spill, giving you a perk of your choice, these are great as they’re more RPG than a shooters normal power ups, Giving you all kinds of power-ups form increased speed, wider viewing angle and through to more blood appearing per kill or more frequent weapon drops.


Crimsonland is chaotic at times when the swarms are charging right at you, on your small arena map you have to make the most of all the space, it’s a little disappointing that there’s no real variety in the maps other than a visual one, so the playing field is pretty much away the same. In the graphics department crimsonland may not knock you off your feet but you won't have much time for looking at it anyway, when the action gets going there's tons going on all at once with zero frame drops which is really impressive, the smoothness never skips or judders as you getting enclosed by numbers way bigger than i though would appear from the small areas.

All in all there's a really cool top down survival game here, and with the constant unlock-able and guns being added it never really gets dull, the variety in pickups and guns is nothing but impressive and mixed in with the smooth game play and the light touch of RPG elements, this may scratch that old arcade itch with a bit of modern flare. More variety in stages would’ve been nice, but I still had a blast taking down the massive enemy hordes.

Crimsonland is out now on the nintendo Eshop.