Steamworld Heist: Ultimate Edition Review


The Steamworld series has already made a splash of the Nintendo Switch with Steamworld Dig 2, so surely it makes sense for the original Steamworld Dig to be released right? Well, Image and Form Games had a different idea, and that was to release the turn based RPG Steamworld heist instead! Hanging up the Pickaxes and strapping on a Gun Holster for a war in space, rather than a fight in underground Earth. Steamworld Heist Ultimate Edition is Packed with content, including all the DLC that would have to be purchased on the regular edition of the games, plus a few extra bits thrown in, including some optimisations for the Nintendo Switch

Set Centuries after the Events of the Steamworld Dig games, the Earth is destroyed and the steam bots have taken to space travel! You take control of a band of space pirates who are running into some tough times, "The scrappers" are threatening your group, and the people you've been pirating from, this can only mean one thing! Time to Scrap the Scrappers! 
Being a Turn based game, Steamworld Heist shakes things up a little, by making you manually aim your guns. You can move each character into position on your turn and then fire when ready, with a push of the R button, your aimer activates, letting you line up your shot before you pull the trigger. One of the great things about aiming is that you can actually bounce bullets around, so if you cant line up the head shot you want, then aim for the wall behind, and watch the bullet bounce right back at the bad guy! 
Where totally different in game play to the Dig games, there are some similarity's, mainly in the characters personalities and humour. So for anyone who's totally unfamiliar with the Steamworld  games, firstly, you don't need to know anything about the previous games. Steam powered Robots require water to run, this becomes their currency, even selling gold bars for water! Each Level is Procedurally generated meaning that, even if you play the same level again, and board the same ship, it'll be different. Normally this kind of random level maker runs into problems, leaving game play down to luck, this isn't the case here however, leaving the success of the level down to your own skills; Speaking of skills, each character that you obtain throughout your quest gains experience, levelling up and in turn, unlocking new skills. Paired with the skills that your character learns, you can also equip guns and other items before each heist, making your character play the way you want. Going in guns blazing might not necessarily be the best strategy, Letting the enemy fire upon you first may be the best thing you can do, as long as you have the right skills, biding your time to throw an attack back with more power. 


Choosing your next heist is done on the over-world map, giving you a full view of whats about, with the picture of a devastated earth in the background. Each mission  gives you a star rating once you've completed it, this is your"reputation" which unlocks new areas, and new equipment. In amongst the levels are a few other ships, some are bars where you can recruit new members, and others are gun shops. There are also challenge levels scattered within these too, and some can be really tough! Pick your fights carefully, because taking on more than you can chew will cost you valuable H2O!


The stylising on Streamworld Heist is spot on from start to end, from the war time inspired opening video, to the designing of the different 'bots, there's a fantastic look that carries throughout. Talking to the different characters is always a treat too, as they all have there own unique voices, made up with the buzzing and clattering of metal, paired with  great dialogue that can be incredibly humours at times. Never give up on the opportunity to speak to a character, they give you background stories of not only their character, but the situation the solar system is in. It can be easily skipped as it's optional, but I really believe that it shouldn't be missed. The soundtrack is filled with some toe tapping catchy beats, drawing influence from country music, and a more industrial feel for the bad guys music. The real treat of the soundtrack is heading to a bar and standing in front of the bands, there's some amazing music here, if you take the time to stop and listen.



There's plenty of content here, including multiple difficulties, a ranking system for each level and a new game plus. This really is the biggest version of Steamworld Heist. Featuring touch screen controls; I was hesitant to try them at first, passing them off as a thrown in feature, I'd like to admit that I was really wrong, and that it really helps, especially for fine aiming from a distance. The great thing about the touch screen feature, is that you can use it to play the game from start to end,  that way, it's totally down to you how you want to play.

Steamwold Heist should be on your radar, bringing a fresh and unique take on the turn based RPG genre,  that makes it gripping from start to end. Packed with customisation's from your guns and equipment, straight down to the cosmetic collectable hats, there's plenty of bang for your buck. I honestly cannot fault Steamwold Heist, from its writing to game play; art style to music, there really isn't anything out of place, and that's why it's already become one of my favourite titles on the Switch!