Green Game Timeswapper Review


Green Game Timeswapper Review
By Paul Lloyd

Green Game follows the journey of a mechanical bird, evolving through each of the games (look to our Red Game review). Once again, you are looking at a silhouetted steampunk world, although this time everything has a green background. It really does look better than it sounds, the green hue gives the world a feeling of evil. This is exactly what the game is too, pure evil.


If you are a completionist, if you cant move on to the next level until you have collected everything then you will hate this. But in a good way!!! Each level has 3 collectables, which must be collected in a single run. You cant collect 2 of them, finish the level and then retry for the 3rd. It will drive you crazy!!! The game is an on rails puzzle game, where you have no control of the main character what so ever. You swipe left and right to activate and disable blowers, pushing the bird in the direction that you choose to avoid all sorts of traps. The first handful of levels are really easy, just to teach you the mechanics, and you can progress through the game without too much difficulty if you complete the level BUT you need all 3 collectables for bragging rights..! Right..! Right?!?!?



This is an obvious, and some what lazy port of a mobile game, locking out the function of docked mode, you must play this in hand held. There is no joy-con integration what so ever, no button controls, no tilt controls. It is touch screen ONLY. It seems that they have decided against these features to make sure that they get the game out as quickly as possible. With that said, for the price point, I think that it is excellent. You are going to get 1-2 hours of enjoyment out of this if you play through casually, but if you want to beat it 100%, I can guarantee you will pull your hair out and rage quit several times.
My advice would be that if you were planning on buying a coffee for your commute to work in the morning, skip it and buy this instead