Quest of Dungeons Review


Quest of Dungeons Review
By Gary Gray

At first glance quest of dungeons seems like just another dungeon crawler with retro style graphics……. so is it?

I do as little research on a game going in, as not to be swayed by other people's opinions and game play impressions, so loading it up i expected another Link to the past style action adventure game. Straight away i knew i was deeply wrong, as the characters move a square at a time on a grid based system, and my first encounter with the enemy made me realise that this was more RPG than an action adventure.


In an interesting twist the Game play is half turn based battle, half real time battle set up in a rogue-like twist. As you move along a square at a time, the enemies move every time you do, so sometimes your best to asses the surroundings and enemy placement before running in.
Choosing a hero before you start each play through makes the game dramatically different, from a Warrior who uses close combat, Assassin who uses ranged weapons, Wizard who summons magic or a Shaman who uses skills as well as close combat. Personally I liked the longer ranged classes more, taking down enemies from a longer range but them suffering the sheer panic of when they get too close.

Treasures, pickups and shops mean you can tweak your character with different abilities, armour and weaponry. Although this doesn't make any cosmetic changes to your character, you can boost the power of your weaponry to take down the harder bosses.

Missions are present, you obtain them from a certain stone that appears in some of the rooms. Missions vary from collecting certain items, to taking down harder baddies. Although missions and bosses exist you can avoid them entirely, I did this on some of my first play troughs, This was a mistake as the rewards and gems help you in your mission to the bottom of the dungeon!

Each play through will be different to the last as all rooms and enemies are in different places, creating a sense of unknown every time you play. this makes replaying the game time and time again a lot more fun! There’s also a downside to the randomly built levels, as every once in awhile the harder bosses will be just around the corner giving you an almost doomed run.


As an RPG fan who doesn't have the time to sink a tonne a hours into games, Quest of Dungeons was an extremely refreshing take on the genre as its shorter quicker and full of action from the get go, while at the same time not bombarding you with a million pickups and customisation's.

So all in all I loved my time with Quest Of Dungeons. Anyone itching for a fast paced roguelike RPG that doesn't require all of your time then this is the perfect pickup for you. The battle and movement systems could be a little confusing at first but after that very short duration of learning is over, you’ll find yourself loading Quest of dungeons up again and again. with multiple characters over multiple levels that are procedurally generated along with multiple difficulties and unlockables, there's plenty to keep you returning for more!

I give Quest of dungeons a Value award! for its small price tag there's plenty here to keep you coming back for more.

Quest of Dungeons is available right now on Nintendo Switch and 3DS systems at a value  £7.99/$8.99/€8.99


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