Rock Band 4 DLC- Week of 9/6: Five Finger Death Punch & Good Charlotte

Five Finger Death Punch- Wrong Side of Heaven:

Well, this song is certainly a different tone than Got Your Six from back in February (side note: finally played that, and it's....alright for what it is, I suppose).

A more melancholy track about the mental strife soldiers go through in the heat of battle, the vocals really do a decent job of putting you in that mindset. Mixing Ivan Moody's clean vocals with some screams as well, it's an average "storytelling" track (with decent Harmonies).

The drums start off with a standard 16th beat on the hi-hat with lots of double-hits on the snare for the verses, and the choruses throw in a bunch of different variations with toms, short rolls and some double-bass thrown in to spice up an otherwise standard Tier 4 chart.

Bass was actually a pleasant surprise, if you don't account for the total 58 bars of blank space in this song. Most of it's at the beginning, but when you do play, it's a mix of single notes, sustains and some nice movement around the fretboard. Nothing hard, but by 5FDP (as the kids say) standards, it's much more manageable than their RBN offerings and Got Your Six.

Guitar is the standout instrument for this one. While the song is generally slow in the verses (and starts with a lot of strummed single notes around the fretboard) and mixing two and three-note chord sustains, the solo kicks right off with a flurry of HO/POs that's bound to throw a lot of you off. It slows down after about 15-20 seconds though, so you've got enough time to regain your bearings before the 3rd chorus kicks in. But have some Overdrive ready.

If you're looking for a song to take you to the righteous side of heaven, it might do the job but only if you're a Guitarist.


Good Charlotte- Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous:

Ah, this music video: Only in 2002 could you get a member of *NSYNC and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D in the same space. 

I was very much looking forward to singing this song because of how catchy the vocal line is. The chorus works great with harmonies. Even if it mentions someone using drugs would probably still get elected mayor of Washington D.C. Yeah.....given what happened with Rob Ford a few years ago, I'll move on. 

Drums have a pretty standard 4/4 beat in the verses with kick underneath, and 4/4 on the crash cymbal during the choruses. Some short snare rolls break up the monotony otherwise. The bridge and 3rd chorus (when things slow down a bit, and with the hi-hat variations before that) is pretty fun though. 

Bass is mostly single notes during the verses and choruses, the bridge changes things up with a Yellow, Orange pattern (and a slow HO/PO trill that's not too tough to get down). 3rd chorus picks up the beat, but still a slow groove for what's supposed to be a fast song.

Guitar's really not much to speak of. Mostly some single notes with some HO/POs after a pattern of two three-note chords then dead space for 3 bars then repeat for 8 bars. The chorus features the standard "three-chord" formula; that is Green-Yellow to Red-Blue, then from there to Yellow-Orange and back to Green-Yellow. The bridge adds a Green and Orange single note-slash-HO/PO riff that changes it up; that's certainly welcome. Some sustained chords in the "punk" pattern are added during the 3rd chorus but otherwise a basic song that's kinda fun but only for a few plays. I can't believe the chart of this in GH: Live is more difficult (but that's the button layout for you).

If buying DLC is such a problem and you've got 2 bucks (or 3 if you're a Canadian like myself), think you should grab this.

Final Verdict:

Wrong Side of Heaven: 

This might be worth a purchase for Drummers or Guitarists. Bassists and Vocalists could probably stand to skip this one. MAYBE BUY IT

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous:

Definitely would be a good song for parties, and especially with Harmonies, this one's great for vocalists. Players looking for a challenge on Drums or an easy song on Guitar/Bass will be pleasantly surprised. BUY IT


So this week was bit of a toss-up, but Lifestyles was a song I'm glad to see come to RB (now where's The Click, Harmonix? More people need to know about Undergrads! ) . With next week's DLC having been leaked, come back next Tuesday for my review of Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean and All For You by Sister Hazel.

Also coming this month to Rock Band are songs by Disturbed (my money's on either The Sound of Silence, Ten Thousand Fists or The Night), Fitz & The Tantrums (c'mon The'll probably be HandClap) and some mystery artists. Be sure to leave your predictions to who and what songs we'll see this month down in the comments below!

I'm JC, and I'm off to find me a decent-sized cowboy hat and acoustic guitar. Maybe a truck to practice my mudding skills...

I'll see you guys next week.