Rock Band 4 DLC- Week of 9/13- Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel

Jason Aldean-Dirt Road Anthem:

Of the (now) three Jason Aldean songs in RB, this is probably the most slow-paced one of the bunch on Guitar. The acoustic part of the chart has mostly three-note chords mixed with single notes during the choruses, but the little bits of slide/electric guitar sprinkled in the chart and the short but somewhat fun solo make it alright. Not worth playing more than a few times though.

Bass has some movement during the choruses, mixing single notes, some HO/POs and sustains for an easy time. The verses are strings of single notes followed by a HO/PO to the next one, adding some much-needed fun to what would otherwise be a slow Tier 3 chart.

Drums have a similar pattern with Wrong Side of Heaven from last week: A slow main beat but with lots of ghost snares. Also a roll lane or two just for funsies! The second verse mixes a constant 8th note hi-hat pattern with some snare mixed in and there’s a nice fill before the guitar solo that could throw you off, but the ghost snares are the real tricky part. Surprisingly fun stuff (though I still like Crazy Town more).

Ah, vocals. This isn’t the remix of the song (featuring Ludacris; and probably a good decision there :P) but there is rapping in here. RAP AND COUNTRY IN THE SAME SONG? WHAT A WORLD!!!! The choruses are where the catchiness factor comes in, especially with Harmonies; Country’s got a tendency to have pretty rich harmonies (see Little White Church and Fancy by Reba McEntire for examples). The rapped parts during the verses are certainly funny, but the cadence and tempo of it doesn’t throw things off in the same way that an act like Florida-Georgia Line would (and I have this strange feeling they’re next in the country DLC train). If you know some people that are into this stuff, they’ll have a good time.

This song doesn’t really make you want to swerve like George Jones, but it may spark an interest in his music (RIP Mr. Jones, you were a legend). Mudding skills not required for this one.


Sister Hazel-All For You:

Ah yes, the song that was fun in Rocksmith 2014 earlier this year now comes to the plastic guitar equivalent. And man is the acoustic part of this song fun; just make sure you’re ready when the intro hits! Verses are mainly two-note chords with some single notes in between them and some electric guitar interspersed to add some challenge. The choruses though are where the overall vibe of the song really adds to the pure fun factor.  Two-note chords and single notes (with a Green-Red-Yellow chord) make for a nice rhythm, couple that with TWO (yes, you read right) fun and not overly challenging solos and you’ve got a great chart worth playing again and again. Maybe not so much the 9-measure break before the 3rd chorus, but you get to come right back in with the chorus again, so yay turnabout!

A 12-measure break to start the song on Bass; don’t worry, it picks up from there. A small opening part with sustains and a small string of Orange notes leads to a bouncy chorus alternating single notes between frets. After the solo, there’s a 7-measure and 9-measure break within 30 seconds of each other. But you can use it as an excuse to clap your hands! Despite the breaks, a fun bassline you’ll find here.

Drums mix a standard hi-hat beat with rim hits on the snare during the verse to a constant yet head-bobbing ride cymbal beat during the choruses. The best thing about this song are the transitions, little hi-hat flourishes, buildups and rolls/fills; the one right before the 3rd chorus.  If you’re looking for a fun song that isn’t too challenging but changes up a lot, you’ve got your choice right here.

Vocals on this one depend on how well you know the song. Personally, I didn’t know it a ton when I started, but man does that chorus hit you with an “Oh, THAT song” moment. Especially with how fun the Harmonies are during that part. The verses are lower-pitched (and therefore, harder to pick up on) but the overall feel of the song makes up for it and it’s another ‘90s track to add to your playlist.

I can’t do enough to prove this song may be“All For You” but it’s another fun ‘90s track in a year full of them.


Final Verdict:

Dirt Road Anthem: While the drums have some fun moments and vocals have the rapped verses, there isn’t a lot I can do to recommend this one to anybody outside of those who like country/Jason Aldean in particular. And even then, Crazy Town and She’s Country are more fun and varied too. Pick those up first if you’re considering this one.


All For You: Not only is this fun on everything, but the Harmonies are rich and fantastic. Not to mention the whole two guitar solos thing. Now if only Hootie & the Blowfish can fulfill their destiny and make their way here (We got a Darius Rucker song, so it’s not impossible). Get this one, you won’t regret it folks.



Well, All For You was a track I’m happy to say delivered on its’ promise. As for Aldean, there’s better about dirt and/or roads to be found in RB and in general.

Next week is most likely Disturbed and Fitz & The Tantrums, so be sure to come back next week for my review of those tracks! Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on this week’s DLC, and if you have a DLC song or pack you'd like to see me review sometime in the future.

This was Behind The MIDI Notes. I’m JC and this has been more than just a dream.

See you guys next week!