Rock Band 4 DLC - Week of 8/30: Heart & Winger

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Anyhow, this is the start of a new feature on, as part of the Living Room Clutter you already know and love. If you're as into the DLC each week as we are, this is the column for you!

This week, we've got two '80s classics: What About Love? by Heart and the song many have been waiting for (or dreading if you're not a guitarist) Winger's Seventeen.

Heart- What About Love?

Anybody else remember this song from a Swiffer commercial? No? Just me?

Ok then….

The guitar on this one is pretty straightforward though it does have a pretty nice solo in the middle (though if you’ve played some of Heart’s other songs in RB, it’s nothing challenging). Other than that, you’ll be treated to single notes and sustained chords (of which the synth part is a big component of the chart). Bass is pretty easy with simple sustains and a lot of orange single notes in the outro, you should FC this no problem.

Drums aren’t too tricky, the outro is the closest it comes to being challenging, switching between a snare-ride, snare-crash combo with more constant bass pedal underneath. Just be careful of the ride swell lane at the beginning of the song.

Vocals are the real highlight of this song; Ann Wilson is known for being a powerhouse, and even in a short song such as this, there are some nice runs going on and is even more impressive with Harmonies to hear Nancy Wilson’s backup. You’ll want to keep your lighters (or phones if you’re a young’un) nearby for this one!

Overall, if you want a song to care about you, don’t let this one slip away.


If you played Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The ‘80s at all (or are skilled enough to play the real thing in Rocksmith 2014), you will know just how DIFFICULT this chart is. But 9 years sure can teach you a few things, as the guitar is just as fun and ridiculously tough as before but with some added parts and variations that make it one of the best Guitar tracks since RB4’s release.

The claim of this song being as tough as Symphony X’s Nevermore is certainly warranted once you look at the solos: lots of HO/POs at crazy speeds and in the second solo, both a sweet HO/PO chain that moves all around the Red fret with Green, Yellow and Blue thrown in as well as a zigzagging Red, Yellow, Blue riff near the end that will throw you off among many other fun parts.

Not to mention the main riff which has a nice swing vibe and lots of HO/POs mixed with some two and three-note chords.

Unlike GH:80s, this is the original version of the song, so that second solo goes on for quite a bit longer, save your Overdrive for this one. Pick this song up if you like a challenge, because you’ll find plenty here.

For a Tier 4 bass chart, Seventeen’s actually quite tricky with some descending HO/PO riffs (Orange, Blue Red to Yellow then Green) that are legitimately awesome to nail in succession. Though it also repeats itself quite a bit, so fair warning. The main chart mirrors the Guitar in the verses, and it’s a good time. Get the rhythm down and it’s a blast.

Drums have a nice swing to them with lots of short two to four note fills in between during the verses. The chorus has a nice ride pattern that also tosses in some short fills to keep you on your toes. It may drag on near the end, but it’s glam metal that actually keeps things interesting.

And now for the Vocals….. the cringey lyrics are certainly one thing, and it will never not be awkward to sing this song around a group of people. But despite that, there’s some good melodies in this one and it will definitely take a few plays to become familiar with it (if that’s your thing). Some nice Harmonies but once the second solo hits, you’re done singing so you’ll have a few minutes to wait around until the song ends and the stats screen pops up.

If Blurred Lines wasn’t a weird enough way to start the month, this is an equally odd way to end it.


Final Verdict:

What About Love?: Vocalists will have a blast with this one, and it's great for parties. BUY IT

Seventeen: Get this for GH nostalgia, full-band goodness or to kill your fingers during the solos. BUY IT

This week brought us a great Guitar part and some good vocals from a decade we‘ve seen a lot of this summer: the ‘80s. On Friday, we’ll most likely find out the first DLC for September (coming on the 6th) and the rest of September’s artists as well. Who are you looking forward to seeing announced for next month?

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I’m JC and I’ll see you all next week.