Rock Band 4 DLC - Week of 10/4: Harvey Danger & Jane's Addiction

Well, here are two songs we've been waiting to see come to RB for quite some time. It's been quite long enough, so let's get into it.

Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta

Guitar on this one is simplistic, but very enjoyable. The intro riff starts with two-note chords (and some HO/PO chords) around the fretboard before a simple chord structure in the verses takes over. Same in the choruses (and last verse) only with three-note chords. The bridge is a bit slower, while still keeping the same energy throughout. Is it really easy to FC because it's Tier 1? Yes. But is it still a really fun guitar chart? Yes. Yes it is.

Bass is rather slow, with single-note sustains for most of the song (Green-Yellow chords show up near the end of the bridge though) .It does change things up in the bridge, but only for a short while. If you like keeping the rhythm, get this one. But if you solely play bass, you might want to consider skipping this one; or get it for your friends.

Drums are an easy hi-hat snare beat for about 95% of the song with some short easy-to-hit snare rolls. But then the bridge comes in and HOLY ROLL LANES BATMAN!!! The ride cymbal lane is already super fast, but then there’s the alternating Yellow-Blue and Yellow-Green lanes. It takes an otherwise easy song and gives it some challenge, but also kind of ruins the momentum you would’ve had up to that point. But it’s already been FC’d, so if you’re not a score chaser, pick it up. It’s fun to nod your head to.

If you were around in 1997 when this song came out, you should remember this one pretty well. The main melody doesn't change up a lot, and the bridge is really fun to get down as well. Flagpole Sitta's a must-buy for parties, score-chasers and '90s kids alike. Especially the Harmoneis; the backing "Ba ba ba" parts are so fun.

Not sick but not well? So hot cause you're in hell? This song will cure what ails you, though strictly Bass players may want to skip it and Drummers may want to practice the bridge a few times.


Jane's Addiction- Stop

Ok, so technically the song is labelled Stop! on the album and in Guitar Hero 2 and GH: Smash Hits. But RB4 labels it without the exclamation point, so that's we gotta go with. 

Oh, speaking of GH2, can you believe it's been 10 YEARS since that game came out? How many of you guys feel old like I do? It shouldn't take long for you to remember this song. One of the first songs to use master recordings in a North American music game, it's so good to see this one return to Harmonix's hands.

Oh wait, we got charts to review! More waxing nostalgic later.

Guitar is in my Top 5 for DLC this year. No exaggeration or joking here. After the 9-measure break (with the awesome Spanish spoken bit) it kicks in. The intro and post-verse riff (combining two-note chords and HO/POs) is so iconic and a blast to play along with the main verse riff that just moves all around the fretboard. Dave Navarro doesn't get much love, but this song should change all that. The breakdown mixes some single notes with Green-Yellow-Blue chords and slows down the frenetic pace of the song long enough to relax you. 

And then the solo hits. The first 20% is a Yellow-Blue chord strum lane, and the rest combines HO/POs, single notes and sustains with a chord-strumming section at the end to finish one of the most fun and groovy solos I've played in quite some time. 9 measures to let your hands recover, and then the intro riff one more time. Nothing else can sum up how much I love this song, and this chart. Fucking amazing. 

Bass has some really good riffage going on, after the 13-measure break for the intro. The intro riff mirrors Guitar, but once the verse kicks in there's an awesome riff based around the Red, Green and Blue notes with an ascending HO/PO chain. While some may not like how repetitive and tricky it gets, I enjoy it immensely. You'll be playing that riff mostly until the breakdown, where it's mostly sustains and some single notes before the guitar solo pops up and it's back to the verse riff until the end of the solo, where there's bass chord strumming alongside the guitar.

The other notable section is right before the last chorus (after another short break) with bass chords and some HO/PO chords. Not as crazy as guitar but just as groovy. If you're intimidated by the solo and main riff of the Guitar part, try the Bass out. You might be surprised.

Drums have a main beat centered around the hi-hat snare with open hi-hat for the verses and the guitar solo (and some nice closed to open hi-hat transitions and some craziness at the end). The intro and post-verse section throw lots of short fills in to keep you on your toes, plus the killer ride groove.  The breakdown is your standard hi-hat beat with some cymbals thrown in every 4 beats. 9 measures after the solo, and then the intro part once more.  Awesome drum chart with lots to keep you entertained, and some stuff you probably remember from the Smash Hits chart if you played it in there.

Perry Farrell is one of the more dynamic frontmen of the alt-rock scene. The Vocals here are somewhat sparse compared to the other instruments, but the breakdown is when they really take hold. Sure, the verses are a bit higher in the register but nothing too tricky. The breakdown lowers things a bit, and with Harmonies really adds a lot of ambience to the chart. It doesn't last long before the guitar solo, but right after it's done you get the best part of the song.

What sounds at first like a stream-of-consciousness combining of words together, ends with "and that _ damn radio" (yeah, I know the "god" is censored; they can't all be swears). Some "Ohhh" lines and then you're good. Tier 5 seems a bit overtiered, but the fun factor is through the roof. 

What else is there to say? Guitar is flawless, Bass is super fun, Drums have lots of little things that you wouldn't necessarily notice and Vocals are fun to sing to. your fun.


Final Verdict:

Harvey Danger-Flagpole Sitta

Fun on everything, though Bass is repetitive. A must for any gathering of people that like Rock Band



Jane's Addiction- Stop

Fun on every instrument,  a great returning song from the old days of Guitar Hero, and a great way to start what I'm dubbing "Rivalstober". Because Rocktober's already taken. A must for anyone that likes music, and making rectangles disappear.



This week has been my favourite overall week of DLC since Toto/The Killers to end June earlier this year. But judging by the rest of the month, it may be an anomaly.

The rest of this month will see the Rivals preorder songs (includig the Amazon exclusives) be released and most likely next week, we'll see the following songs (which were announced on Monday) come to the Music Store: (some are speculating in another Off the Charts pack):

Andy Grammer-Honey I'm Good

The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey- Closer

Shawn Mendes- Treat You Better

Sia ft. Sean Paul- Cheap Thrills

Whether that happens or not, be sure to leave your thoughts on this week's DLC in the comments below, and consider supporting Dacespace on Patreon! EVery bit helps make things like this column and podcasts like Living Room Clutter possible.

I'm JC, and while I don't mind cheap thrills, I'd rather forget about the price tag.

See you guys next week!