Rock Band 4 DLC - Week of 10/11: Andy Grammer & Shawn Mendes

It's the return of the 2010s pop singles this week! But only one more week until Rivals comes out, it's just a pre-order away. It's just a download away. Let's see what we've got in store.

Andy Grammer- Honey, I'm Good.

Guitar is mostly alt-charted synth, with some tricky patterns involving Yellow-Orange chords, and some single notes. The choruses will have basic chord sustains, with a nice alternating Green and either Yellow-Blue or Blue-Orange pattern. Later you'll play some fun stuff revolving around Red-Yellow and Green-Red chords. This chart rarely does the same thing twice, which for a pop song, is a nice surprise. 

Bass is pretty basic, including about 50 (rough estimate) measures of waiting throughout the song. The only riff is anchored around single Orange notes with some single notes up and down the fretboard before hammering on back to Orange. Honey, I'm good with skipping this one if you're a bassist.

Drums have a lot of clapping (even more than HandClap which I thought was impossible :P) charted to Red-Yellow flams, and short tricky Red and Yellow alternating rolls. The verses have a Bass, Hi-Hat pattern that keeps a nice groove with some Blue tom hits thrown in as well. The last chorus switches between an open and closed hi-hat/snare combo to make for a decent drum chart. Those that are interested in checking this song out may want to put in some time with Practice before attempting just for those few tricky fills. Otherwise, you might be surprised by this one.

Harmonies, rich harmonies everywhere on Vocals. The chorus is quite catchy on its' own (even if its' about trying not to flirt with a woman at bar because his girlfriend's at home waiting for him) but the backup parts may make it tricky to distinguish what you should be singing. But if you don't care about score, go for it. The verses are simple in pitch, not going too high in the register; watch out for the post-chorus bits; lots of short but tough runs in there. Actually a lot of fun for a song I had forgotten about until this week.

Most instruments will have some fun with this song, unless you play Bass. Stay true, and maybe give this one a shot.


Shawn Mendes- Treat You Better

Ah, it's another song from a Canadian! We sure could use more of those...

Guitar starts with descending chords down the fretboard, before giving way to descending single notes? No HO/POs here though, you'll have to strum them all. Choruses are single notes and three-note chords (which from the sounds of it, is on an acoustic guitar. Hard to tell from the RB mix). The post-chorus offers a cool descending HO/PO riff for 8 bars before it's back to Chordville; but ascending this time. Somewhat repetitive, but more fun than Stitches so it has that going for it.

Bass starts out with an 8-measure break and then it's single notes, sustains and more waiting. You can guess what my verdict is on this one, right? Good, let's not waste any more time here.

Drums rarely use cymbals (only a few hi-hats in the bridge), and are mostly an alternating pattern of Red & Yellow pads, with some toms thrown in. Practice is a must for this song, you will need it to keep up with the main beat.

Vocals has some good Harmonies that have some high 'Ooh pa ooh ooh pa" parts. The main line is pretty easy to get a grasp on, but those lyrics. If you thought Stitches was cheesy and lacking imagination, you found the sequel here. This guy can treat you better than your own boyfriend, so screw the boyfriend right?! At least it sounds catchier than a song about some girl ignoring this guy so it's like he'll need stitches because of how bad it is. It's amazing that pop music can get away with having songs about this sort of thing being so huge. If you like his music, get the song. Otherwise, plenty of other songs can give you a better time than Shawn Mendes.

Final Verdict:

Andy Grammer- Honey, I'm Good.

Some decent Guitar and Drums with a strong Vocals presence which you may want to look into further. Bassists, avoid this one. 



Shawn Mendes- Treat You Better

An above-average Guitar part with a tricky Drum pattern. Unless you're the jealous type, skip this on Bass and maybe consider trying this on Vocals. Just mind the lyrics.



Gotta say, a kinda underwhelming week after last week's double-dose of '90s action.

But, while I have your attention, here's the plan for next week:

Since Rivals is coming out soon, that means an additional 10 (and possibly 2 more) songs will be released next week. I can't review 12 songs in a day plus I have several exams that week, since school's the priority for me.

So the plan is the following:

1) Review ALL THE PREORDER SONGS (save for the 2 Amazon exclusives, as I want to let those who didn't preorder on Amazon a chance to get those tracks and play them for themselves) NEXT WEEK ON THE PODCAST. It'll also make for better discussion, as we'll have multiple opinions going.

2) Written reviews will resume when Cheap Thrills and Closer (the 2 remaining pop singles) get released presumably on the 25th, but keep an eye out. 

3) The 2 Amazon exclusive preorder tracks will ALSO  get reviewed ON THE PODCAST. Once that's all taken care of, expect reviews to stay in the written form unless another special occasion happens.

So, I hope you guys can understand why I'm taking a short break from writing these, but you'll still get to hear our opinions on the show.

Thank you all for checking out this week's review! Let me know what you thought about this week's DLC in the comments below, and if you'd like to see more great podcasts and content, check out the rest of

I'm JC, and October 18th CANNOT come fast enough.

See you guys next time, and let the party begin!