Pick Your Brain While You Game (John Pee Interview - Part 1)

Please enjoy this podcast version of a past interview from 8/2016. I'll post the video as well below. Fresh, new interviews and exclusive podcast content in the works!

Overwatch Interviews with John Pee! Watch John as he concentrates way too much on playing Overwatch and not enough on laughing at my jokes.  :D

Highlight Timeline:  1:02 – Kiltless Scot, 1:49 – Tell me a story, 3:04 – Give it a go, 3:34 – Memphis?, 4:55 – Mario, 5:30 – Mass Effect & Metal Gear Solid & WWE Smackdown 2, 6:30 – Harder than I thought it would be, 8:32 – Wee vlog, 9:01 – This place is crap, 9:25 – Judo master, 9:52 – Flashiest way to end a fight, 10:40 – Let’s learn a flip, 12:05 - Fortnight  

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