Pick Your Brain While You Game (Eneh Okta Interview - Part 1)

Please enjoy this podcast version of a past interview from 7/2016. I'll post the video as well below. Fresh, new interviews and exclusive podcast content in the works!

Highlight Timeline:  0:36 – EnéhOkta Hungarian YouTube Gaming Goddess, 0:57 – International, 1:05 – Are you Hungary?, 2:20 – Annie Oakley, 3:05 – Borderlands Scenario, 4:10 – FireFly, 4:26 – The Chapstick question, 4:53 – The Old Herpes Excuse,5:37 – We could have been best friends, 5:59 – Rapid Fire, 6:37 – Rubik’s Cube, 7:17 – The Brexit, 8:11 – Beating Dark Souls 3 with your feet, 10:28 – “I just crushed my camera.”   

I got lights and I’m wicked bleached out, bear with me as I refine my lighting skills.


Annie Oakley Flag Picture from Karen- https://www.flickr.com/photos/56832361@N00/702049744/in/photolist-JxvTC-ixTd2K-fDrJBh-eUaiA-253bVW-6gtr6w-Ltpgf-pCXS8x-67yMLd-qH27AQ-sxjHq-4pXjXN-ujuUf8-7RuKou-4oszSP-6Snv2Y-2UtsPQ-4MS7Hw-58nqMK-58rB1Y-6btDtC-68GBUB-Wr2HM-oyRFf-25QSDr-9F2pnQ-58rAJE-dZsa2C-8NnLrX-58nqF4-tsNEV3-sw5sn7-tnDWGx
Cropped to show only Annie Oakley

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