Living Room Clutter 47.5 (PAX East Special ONLINE PLAY!!)

Discussion about Harmonix's big announcements at PAX East 2016

The secrets are out: Synchronous online multiplayer is coming to Rock Band 4! PDP is making an ION/E-Kit adapter for Xbox One! Huge new features coming in our first ever expansion pack later this year!

For those who didn’t follow along on Twitter as we livetweeted the panel, here’s a quick recap of our 2016 roadmap:

May: Battleborn characters – These were announced at the Gearbox panel on Friday, but we’re confirming them for the May update hitting soon.
May: Double kick support – Yep, you’ll be able to use that other port on your drums to use double kick pedals for tougher songs.
June: Practice Mode -- All the features you’d expect are here. Picking sections of a song, slowing them down, vocal pitch guides, etc.
Summer: Pausing updates -- Here’s when we wrap up “Chapter One” of Rock Band 4 and put a pause on updates. We have some huge features in store for the fall, and we want to give them the attention from the dev team they deserve.

Fall: Expansion Pack -- In the fall, we’re launching our first ever expansion pack, which is going to have some really big features attached to it, which haven’t been seen in Rock Band before. Much more to come about everything here at E3.

Fall: Music Library Enhancements -- Arriving alongside the expansion pack (But available to everyone with Rock Band 4), we’re making a bunch of tweaks to the music library, allowing you to sort, filter, and rate songs more easily.

Holiday: SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE MULTIPLAYER -- It’s coming. We want to be sure this version of online is better than in previous games, so we’re going to be using a modified version of Quickplay that has improvements for people with differing DLC libraries and groups where a random person tries to pick every song.

I’m really excited about everything we have coming this year, especially because it means I get to talk about it with all of you guys and gals. I’ve gotta run to our event at the planetarium for now (And then pass out immediately after that’s over because holy crap it’s been a long, exhausting, amazing weekend), but rest assured that I’ll spend