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April Update
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Rock Band 4 Song Fixes for April Update

In the post I made in February about the ongoing drum exploit (that we fixed last week), I mentioned that the April update was going to come with a bunch of DLC fixes. A nifty thing the dev team has done for April (aside from setlists) is allowing the game client to patch DLC, so all of these changes will happen automagically when you download the April update -- No need to re-download DLC tracks!
These fixes fall under a ton of categories, like:
Bad tempo maps, i.e. the gems aren't on the beat
Solo and harmony lyrics not lining up with their note tubes
Missing solo and harmony lyrics
Keys parts that have been remapped to guitar
Missing characters in the lyrics, especially some foreign characters
Missing drum submixes
Score exploits when songs were looped too close to their beginning
Hopos that were preceeded by a non-hopo
Overlapping fills
Bugs in the graphical display of the vocal hud
Guitar solo authoring and endless solo mode
Pro vocals improv
Fixed a handful of audio files
Camera authoring issues
Light presets, including adding many that were missing
Post processing fixes
Missing venue FX events.
Character animation bugs, including fixing some jerkiness in the limbs
Some of these don't affect scoring, like camera or lighting fixes, but for anything with authoring changes (which obviously affect scoring), we'll be wiping leaderboards for those song/instrument combos. This means that if a guitar track is all that's being fixed, we'll wipe guitar and band scores for that song. Here's a list of every song that will be affected by wipes, along with the changed instruments. Affected leaderboards are marked with an 'X':