Living Room Clutter 36 (How to Hack Rock Band 4)

On this weeks episode of Living Room Clutter We discuss how to hack Rock Band 4 and all your rhythm gaming news including. 

Rock Band 4 February Patch Notes

Rock Band 4 DLC Legacy Database

Design Adjustments
• PLAY A SHOW mode scores now post to leaderboards
• Now possible to send Taunts from PLAY A SHOW mode
Scoring Exploit Fixes
• Fixed exploit where drummers could deploy Overdrive twice
• Fixed exploit where players could artificially increase score by exploiting calibration/breakneck speed
• Removed exploit known as “Band Overdrive Squeeze,” where players could get a higher score by strategically having a local player fail out to conserve Overdrive Energy
• Enabled individual high score resets in leaderboards going forward (to avoid full wipes in the case of new exploits)
Freestyle Guitar Solo-related Fixes
• Disabled mid-song Freestyle Guitar Solo toggling (which prevents a bunch of issues, like most of the stuff below)
• Fixed crash that could occur on songs with both Freestyle Guitar Solos and Big Rock Endings
• Fixed issue where drum streak would break on several songs with Freestyle Guitar Solos
• Drum fills now exist during certain song sections when Freestyle Guitar Solos are turned on
• Fixed tempo issues with certain on-disc songs after the first solo
• Fixed issue where Freestyle Guitar Solos were not forced on during the Freestyle Guitar Solo tutorial
• Fixed crash that would occur when switching to an authored solo from the Freestyle Guitar Solo on "Suffragette City”
Audio Adjustments
• Fixed sing-a-long volumes
• Fixed the center channel panned instruments (usually bass)
• Boosted the entire game volume
• Re-built the output structure for a better surround sound experience
• “High Score” no longer screams at you on the Song Results screen
New Stuff in the Rock Shop
• Psychonauts helmet
• Psychonauts “Whispering Rock” tee
• SCRUFF baseball hat
Other Fixes
• Fixed issue where filtering to "Nightmare" difficulty songs would jump to "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold (and other similar issues)
• Fixed crash that occurred from jumping into a song directly from an Activity Feed taunt
• Fixed crash that occurred when entering Endless Solo Mode if library cursor was previously on a song that didn’t contain a solo
• Fixed crash that occurred from selecting a locked city in Career Mode
• Fixed crash that occurred when switching profiles on the “Show Complete” screen
• Fixes issue where you could send Taunts while in Career mode
• Fixed camera/animation issues in “Fever”
• Fixed stupid-looking redundant text in Showcase announcements
• Fixed issue where some shows called “All Apprentice Songs Set” actually used Moderate tier songs
• Fixed issue where drummer was “floating” during some animations
• Fixed issue where the strum bar no longer allowed you to select letters in the Search field
• Fixed missing green “Continue” icon on “Show Complete” screen in Career mode
• Fixed issue where you couldn’t back out of the “Search” function in the Store
• Fixed some issues with Activity Feed taunts not updating
• Fixed missing text in the Freestyle Guitar Solo menu
• Several localization/translation fixes
• Overdrive deployment visual effects no longer remain active for entire song if one player fails out while another player has Overdrive deployed*