Living Room Clutter 37 (Quit Rock Band 4)

Om this weeks episode of Living Room Clutter we discuss Rock Band 4 DLC, why we no longer care about Guitar Hero Live and your comments. 

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Rock Band 4 Setlist Video Feature

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times...
Last week, we released our previously-January-now-February update. This included a bunch of cool stuff, like the ability to post leaderboard scores from Play a Show mode, cool Psychonauts and Scruff gear, and a ton of exploit and bug fixes. In line with fixing these scoring exploits, we also wanted to level the playing field for high scores, so we wiped the leaderboards clean, letting people start fresh.
One of the exploits we fixed was an issue where double-hitting the green gem at the end of a drum fill would double-activate Overdrive, which allowed for drum and pro drum scores higher than a Full Combo with a perfect Overdrive path would get you. We released the update and thought all was good.
Unfortunately, very early after the update hit, someone in the patch notes thread brought up that while the double-hit Overdrive exploit was gone, it was replaced with a different one, where all drum hits during the period that registers the gem as "hit" (we call this the 'slop window') count toward your score. As you guys know, this wasn't the most obvious exploit in the first place, and we weren't even aware that this was a possibility once we patched the Overdrive issue.
In any case, I took this info back to the dev team, we called an immediate meeting to address it, and we pivoted on some other stuff to ensure a fix for this makes it into the next update, hitting early March. The downside to this is that we're going to need to do another leaderboard wipe on drums, pro drums, and band scores to avoid having people with inflated top scores. The silver lining is how quickly you guys found this, and for that we're very thankful. We didn't catch it ourselves, and if you guys didn't flag this for us, it's entirely possible that this would have had to push until April. We kicked our first release candidate for the March update on Monday, which means even a delay of a day or two on finding this would have meant it was too late.
There was a really productive meeting that happened internally last week, and we identified some areas of our process that we're going to improve to avoid things like this in the future. We're sorry to anyone who has already put in effort for posting new drum high scores since last Tuesday, and to anyone that needs to wait until the impending wipe to dominate the leaderboards once again.
As an early heads up, we're making a ton of individual song fixes in our back catalog in April. These are addressing things like adding guitar parts to songs with no guitar, broken disco flips, guitar track mutes, various charting issues notes, and more. If there are any authoring changes required to make these fixes, we will wipe individual song leaderboards for the affected songs. I'm going to have a final list of which songs will be addressed in the coming weeks, which you'll see as soon as I do.
PS: Also coming in April: Setlists :)
We had a meeting today talking about what content we'll be releasing in every monthly update over the next six months. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I'll share more as soon as things solidify a bit. They don't need to be granite, I'll pull back the curtain when things become post-refrigeration Jello levels of solid. Trust me when I say that the future of Rock Band looks great, I can't wait for you to see it.

This Week's Rock Band 4 DLC Valentines Day

We actually have a pretty decent idea of what we can expect this week. A lot of people have been making the same predictions, given our new list of artists for this month, as well as the Harmonix tradition of doing Valentine’s Day DLC. Of course, we don’t know exactly what we’re getting, so check it out below.

Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
Bruno Mars – Treasure
Generation X – Dancing with Myself
The J. Geils Band – Love Stinks
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – I Hate Myself for Loving You
Masaya Matsuura – Speed Fighter
Orleans – Still the One
All songs available for $1.99.