Living Room Clutter 31 (I Want Fat Tranny Axl Rose)

Living Room Clutter 31

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Dave Sidd and Nick have lots of Rock Band and Guitar Hero News to discuss so lets get into it. 

Guitar Hero TV Programming Schedule

"What sort of challenges will players have to overcome to get access, and secondly, have you decided how much real world money it will be in case you want to just skip those challenges?

Why should people play premium show songs? What sort of rewards are you planning on giving out?

Does Justin Bieber belong in Rock Band 4? Let's discuss?

Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime

Ellie Goulding – On My Mind

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

One Direction – Drag Me Down

Sam Hunt – Leave the Light On

Weezer – Thank God for Girls


Rock Band 4 Pro Cymbals Drum Kit On Madcatz Site

Xbox One Rock Band 4 Guitar Firmware Update

Rock Band 4 First Time Tips and Tricks From Harmonix

Rock Band 4 Ticket Submittal Form

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