Living Room Clutter 21 (Launch Day)

[10/7/15, 12:08:14 AM] Oscar Bernard: This week's MASSIVE launch day Rock Band 4 special featured Oscar filling in for Sidd. We discussed a whole bunch of things, converting everything from the AWESOME gift box Oscar received from Harmonix, the journey Oscar took to get to RockBandAide, our feelings on DJ Hero's best mix, PowerGig's drumsticks, the awesomeness of EyeToy: Anti-Grav, the scariness of NBA 2K15's face scans, Dance Dance Revolution, oh, and of course, Rock Band 4.
[10/7/15, 12:09:32 AM] Oscar Bernard: Be prepared to sit in for this extra special super-sized episode and celebrate the launch of Rock Band 4 with us!