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S1 E7 S2 E 1-2



"A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"



At a high school PTA meeting, Walt fondles Skyler beneath the conference room table, gradually arousing her. In the parking lot, the two of them have explosive sex in the back of Walt's car – Walt is beginning to get off on the danger of his situation. Jesse, who is now living in the RV, puts his house on the market because he is too traumatized by the deaths of Krazy-8 and Emilio to continue living there. Walt tells him about the deal with Tuco, but Jesse says producing two pounds of meth a week is impossible. His "smurfs" – people who supply him the pseudoephedrine needed to cook the meth – can only supply so much a week.

Seven Thirty-Seven"

In the junkyard, after his purchase of meth from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca viciously assaults his lieutenant, No-Doze, after he speaks to Walt in Tuco’s place. After Tuco then departs, Walt calculates the amount of money he will need to provide for his family, concluding that the figure is $737,000. Tuco suddenly returns demanding that Walt save an unresponsive No-Doze. After he dies, Gonzo, the other man in Tuco’s employ, states that they should move the body, but Tuco refuses and leaves it in the junkyard.


Having been kidnapped by a crazed TucoWalt and Jesse are held prisoner in a desert hideout where he takes care of his sick uncle, the seemingly-mute Hector Salamanca. Hector was once a drug kingpin but now is incapacitated because of a stroke, but can communicate with a desk bell. Hank and the DEA have rounded up Tuco's entire organization, and Tuco thinks that one of his associates ratted him out. He intends to keep Walt and Jesse in the compound until his cousins take them all across the border to Mexico.



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