Character Crunch - Breaking Bad S1 E4-6 (Breaking Bad is Reality TV!)

Character Crunch is here. This week we are coving the next 3 episodes of Breaking Bad. Season 1 Episodes 4-6

This Weeks Episodes


S1 E4-6


"Cancer Man"

Hank and his DEA team have a meeting over the disappearance of Emilio and Krazy-8, the latter of whom is revealed to have been their informant. Hank also reports on their discovery of 99.1% pure methamphetamine. Although the DEA had no leads, Hank believes the product is good enough to make someone Albuquerque's new meth kingpin. Meanwhile, Walt tells Hank, Marie, and Walt Jr.Skyler has already been told. Jesse smokes Walt's meth with two friends, and flees his house the next morning when he hallucinates that two religious evangelists at his door are armed bikers.

"Gray Matter"

Walt and Skyler attend a birthday party for their wealthy acquaintance, Elliott Schwartz. Walt and his then-girlfriend Gretchen had formed a company called Gray Matter Technologies with Elliott years before, but Walt opted to sell off his share. Subsequently, the company had flourished off Walt's innovations, and Elliott married Gretchen. Walt is tense at the birthday party due to this troubled past. When Elliott offers him a job and tells him Gray Matter has excellent health insurance, Walt realizes that Skyler told him about his cancer and gets upset with her.

"Crazy Handful of Nothin'"

Walt and Jesse come to an agreement: Walt will be the cook and silent partner in their meth operation, while Jesse will sell their product on the street. Walt also demands no further bloodshed. Meanwhile, as Walt's chemotherapy continues, he tells Skyler that Elliott's check came and he deposited it, when in fact he is struggling to pay for the treatment and plans on using his meth profits to cover it. At a family counseling session, Skyler tells Walt that she is concerned about his missing hours, but he explains that he just likes to be alone sometimes and take walks.



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