Character Crunch 81 (Star Wars the Force Awakens Special)

On this very special addition of Character Crunch are you ready?!?!?!?!?!? Our normal Crunchers Dave and Jeff will be discussing Star Wars the Force Awakens. I told you it was special though. Not only will be discussing the most important Movie of our Lives a tune of awesome special guests will be going us. 

Spoiler Alert


Star Wars Weird Things:

What are blasters made out of for people to bleed?

New headset for millenium falcom. How did they know the comm system?

How did R2D2 get the rest of the map? Seems too convenient

The amount of time they are on starkiller base, finding everyone in a convenient time

Even a trained pilot entering the reactor would be hard

Han Solo recovers from the blaster hit really fast

What did the Jakku village elder do to doubt the resistance?

Poe and Finn are way too happy to meet after knowing each other for a short time

How did Darth Vader's helmet become fossilized?

What is Star Wars love with endless reactor shafts and no hand rails on bridges?


Star Wars Stuff I liked:

Comedy is not forced at all, seems to come naturally

Mirrored Episode IV frequently

The guy trying to survive: Han Solo and Finn

The person strong in the force on a desert planet: Luke and Rey

The dark side that destroys the republic: Empire and First Order

The resistance fighters

Sith Master and Aprentice: Vader, Palpatine and Kylo Ren, Snoke

Dark Side Base: Death Star and Starkiller base

Almost the same flaw to both the Starkiller base and the Death Star

The mentor found in exile: Yoda and Luke

Just a cantina scene altogether

Prized mentor dying at the end: Obi-Wan and Han Solo

Showing that Han Solo's reputation is percieved in two different ways.

Introduction of many new species.

Cantina scene with much new music.

Air fighting scense and fighting scenes in general

How the the T-lightsaber is beneficial

Gave stormtroopers a more emotional depth rather then just masks. They are good shots now!

Handing the lightsaber to Luke with him not doing anything yet. Is he going to take the lightsaber or not?

The portions and quick making food

Star Wars Stuff I Didn't Like:

Kylo Ren's parents are revealed too early in the movie. Less drama.

Finn was able to wield a lightsaber too easily and Rey was able to take down a trained sith apprencice.

It is never explained if those five planets destroyed are the last five planets of the Republic.

The main characters name is really forgetful, Rey.

Kylo Ren's face reveal is really underwhelming. Not what you expect from a sith



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