Character Crunch 75 (Year 3 Issue 1)

Character Crunch 75

Character Crunch is your weekly source for everything geeky. 

This week Dave and Jeff discuss confirmation of a new Star Trek series coming to CBS. 

In the hype for star wars we see how strong the force is with our hosts. 

introducing our mystery Character of the Week segment.

Pulled from the big marvel book

Activision Games to become Shows and movies

Also Activision Blizzard Purchases Candy Crush for 5,9 billon dollars

Reddit starting to make shows


Listener Feedback



Jim Young 1 week ago

Just saw Star Wars.  It was ok.  I didn't like how they set a lightsaber to overload and then throw it like a grenade.  I just can't see a Jedi tossing it down a hallway and then turning to run.  First, you are losing your main weapon.  Second, I would expect a bigger explosion so I would be running away just as soon as it left my hand.  

The main thing I didn't like about the movie is the plot line for Luke.  He has a bad plastic surgery and looks different so he changes his name???  What is up with that?   I guess they had to do that to link it with other Star Wars episodes.  Luke Skywalker changing his name to Jar Jar Binks is just something I can NOT accept.  Now we have the cliffhanger wondering if Luke (Jar Jar) was just acting stupid or did he get brain damage from the plastic surgery.  How long before the next episode movie is out???