Backlog Busters 3 (A Night in Sin and Punishment)

Did the grrouch and the turkey finish their games?  What does serge think about his first ever walking simulator?  Was it a stimulating simulation or were those boots made for walking on out of there?

How about the Turkey?  Were his sins punished appropriately?  Did he get his waggle on?  Was the waggle the punishment and was the WiiU the Sin?

Also listen for conversations involving a Future Log and what did the Podfather ask that generated a discussion?

Special shout-outs to @theninformant for Feeding Serge in Pennsylvania, @fluxtaposed for exchanging beer with serge and @skinnymattK who might never sleep again thanks to his new family addition!

@Trashturkey Twitter Poll came down to Link to the past vs Super Metroid
@Backlog_blues twitter poll came down to OxenFree vs Shantae Half Genie Hero

The @Backlog_Busters will see you again at the end of April


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Opening Music

Six Little Preludes -  I. Prelude in C major, BWV 933 - composed by Johann Sebastian Bach


Closing Music

ReMix Streets of Rage 2 “Go Back” By lazygecko


Retro Cheat Code

Secret of Mana for Super NES

Unlimited Weapon Orbs