apPARENTly 20 (Watch Out For Chelsey)

Does Chelsey want to be your friend?  If so, what lengths will she go through to make that happen?  Find out during the random chat at the beginning of this episode.

In this episode: 

- Jonny's kids don't eat PB&J

- Chelsey Facebook stalks a future friend

- Everyone gets to learn the difference between Jelly, Jam, and preserves



The big questions for today are:

- How do you move when your kids have really good friends

- How do you help you young child with night terrors



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Music from OC Remix:

ReMix: Turrican 3 "Homecoming" 
By Level 99, OceansAndrew

ReMix: Deus Ex "God from the Machine" 
By Moiré Effect