apPARENTly 13 (Let's Get Social)

We've already stated that birthday parties can be a pain, but it's more than just the prep and cleanup, it's the other parents.  Add that to how social media is ruining the world and we've got an episode!

In this episode: 

- Chelsey is not happy with Jonny's motorcycle safety

-Jonny has a puppy running around

- Chelsey ends up with an upset stomach and a tight chest


The big questions for today are:

- How to deal with the parents of your kid's friends

- How to deal with social media



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Music from OC Remix:

ReMix: Turrican 3 "Homecoming" 
By Level 99, OceansAndrew

ReMix: Deus Ex "God from the Machine" 
By Moiré Effect