Access to Accessibility 13 (Honesty is the Truth)

On this weeks episode of Access to Accessibility Dave and Kata talk about the honest level of witch they are comfortable speaking about. They talk about how there disabilities effect there relationships. They also talk about how peoples negativity effects there lives.This is a deep show guys so hang in there sit tight. 

Access to Accessibility 5 (Movie Discussion)

Watching movies with a vision impairment is a challenge. This week Dave discusses the challenge with an old time friend who is also disabled. Access to accessibility  is a show where we talk about the tools we have at our finger tips and how we use them to benafit our every day lives. 

Access to Accessibility 3 (Strengths and Weeknesses)

Access to accessibility is the show where David Moore talks about disabilities and the tools that can benefit those who are at a disadvantage as well as how those who are not can also benefit from the tools at hand. In this episode Dave talks about team exercises like athletics as well as meeting class requirements in other ways.

Access to Accessibility #2 (Taking Steps)

David Moore discusses disabilities. The tools those who are challenged and those who are not can use ti make our lives easier. This episode he talks about the general rules for how to make some accessible as well as the steps on how you must be willing to change.